Life’s Harshest Reality

I’m sitting in front of a computer and I can’t seem to gather my thoughts well. It’s been like this for the past few weeks. This post is not going to be about menswear, although I’m showing my first ever full on suit outfit on the blog. I want to be more personal with you all. I believe it’s important for me to share a little of my life with the readers. So, here’s the deal.

A lot of things had happened over the past few weeks. I had my graduation ceremony and my whole family were there to be part of that unforgettable night; it will go down as one of my favorite moments in my life. The amount of pure love from people who have congratulated me and wished me a happy graduation was overwhelming. I am eternally grateful for those people. A week after graduation, I received my first ever invitation to an event, (My Geox Kuwait). It was such a pleasant experience and I’m pretty thankful to Hussain Jassim for his invitation. So, you’d think that after all of these I’d be completely content; I am not. My life is overclouded with a lot of heartaches. I had a fight with two good friends two weeks ago and I blame myself for it. I hold my friends close to my heart and to think of hurting them is never my intention. I have apologized to one of them and I feel like it was not enough. I’ve lost two good people and it’s killing me. I know friends come and go but I’m just tired of meeting new friends. I want to keep the ones I already have. Sadly, it’s not always that easy. I always have this policy when it comes to friendship; kill them with kindness what i always say to myself. I’ve given so much of me to others because I truly care about the people in my life. It saddens me to see that one stupid mistake can ruin all of the good things I’ve done. I blame myself because I should know better. I blame myself because I’m a good person. I’m tired; I’m honestly tired.

All I want to do right now is focus on myself and just let life push me to whatever direction it’s heading. I need time to heal.

Highlights of Qout Market s3

Now on its third season, qout market has found a new location. All of the vendors were strategically  placed at Murouj’s promenade in a U shaped form. The place was very spacious with a breathtaking scenery.There are lots of restaurants and cafe’s around. To us, everything was what we expected from qout market. However, the only disappointing thing was it lacked the bustling energy that it once had; probably the people were not quite enthused about the vendors and the lack of proper organization of the booths. Hopefully the upcoming event will be better.