Team Karl

Karl Otto Lagerfeldt also known as Karl Lagerfeld is a master of reinvention, a forward thinker and a creative fashion guru.  His talent is widely diverse ranging from design, photography and even filmmaking. He is the man behind Chanel, Fendi and his eponymous label. He is brilliant, relentless and controversial. He is a legend amongst legends.

Karl was born in pre-war Germany, September 10, 1933 in Hamburg. His father was a wealthy German businessman and his mother was Swedish lingerie saleswoman. At the age of 14, he went to Paris to study drawing and history. In 1955,his talent provided him a job as an assistant designer for Pierre Balmain after winning a competition, Later he worked as an haute couture designer for others such as Jean Patou, Charles Jourdan and Valentino. Karl changed his surname from Lagerfeldt to Lagerfeld when he wrote his “the Karl Lagerfeld Diet” book because it felt more commercial. In 1967, he joined Fendi then after the death of Coco Chanel he joined the label as well.  In 1984, he launched his own label. By 1997, Vogue inaugurated him as the “unparallel interpreter of the mood of the moment”.

Currently, Lagerfeld has signed a deal with Dubai Infinity Holdings (DIH) which is an investments enterprise that focuses on first-of-its-kind projects in non-conventional growth sectors. Lagerfeld is to design limited edition homes on Isla Moda, the world’s first dedicated fashion island. This is a collaboration between Dubai Infinity Holdings and Lagerfeld across the Cooperative Council of Arab States and India.

To find out more of Karl Lagerfeld’s latest work, visit his official website.

British Invasion

This is the very first music post for his-culture and it’s all about the Brits. From the ultimate bad-ass Jessie J to the sensational Ed Sheeran; there is everything for everyone.  So, enjoy your weekend with an array of eargasm British songs.