Connotations of Accessories

Accessories are small yet subtle additions to an outfit and are a powerful indicator to a person’s personality. For men, accessories are pretty straight forward and simple. Some focus on a watch as their staple statement piece and some prefer to diversify in the way they accessorize themselves.

There are a variety of accessories; from belts, watches and hats to bags, scarves and even bracelets. These help a person showcase their individualistic personality and stand out from the rest.  It is important to be more adventurous when it comes to accessorizing.  For example, when choosing a belt; don’t go for a generic choice. Belts can be of different color and material. Or when wearing a simple watch; add some cool bracelets with it. Moreover, consider incorporating a bag that is practical and stylish.

With any kind of accessories for men, there comes an ease of choice. So, have a playful attitude with accessories and don’t be afraid of bold choices. They’re a simple addition to anyone’s wardrobe and fun to play around with.


________________Outfit of the day________________

Vest: Zara
Shoes: Lacoste
Pants: H.E by Mango
T-shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Bracelets: Arabella D Designs



His Music Playlist 4

Today, Hassan Ali Quli decided to share his sundry music playlist . This awesome follower is a 19 year old professional swimmer and a college student at the prestigious American University of Kuwait. He says that having a hectic schedule puts a toll on him but as soon as he puts on a music, he simply forgets all of the weariness in his life and just enjoy his day.