That 80s Vibes

For the very first time, the managing editor and photographer Nicolas Martin is sharing his music playlist here. He’s a perfect representative of the 80’s and a huge Michael Jackson fan. So, expect some MJ oldies in the mix.

Now a few words from the man himself Mr. Nicolas Martin;
Yes its true I do idolize Michael Jackson but I also love other songs. So, the songs you’ll be hearing is not only just good music but it means a lot more to me personally; When it comes to my emotions like when I want to feel the happiness and joy in my life and lift away my sadness and sorrow and most importantly casts away my depression. I truly hope you enjoy this playlist. The last 3 songs are dedicated to my father who passed away in 2006 plus my ultimate favorite slow songs of the 80’s

God Bless.

Summer Sharp

I have never been the kind of person who tries to go for a full dapper look because I love my casuals too much. However, there comes a time where I want to look sharp without compromising my laid back ensemble.

So, my intake of the smart look involves summer wardrobe friendly. Here’s what I wore.

________________Outfit of the day________________

Shirt: Massimo Dutti
Jeans: Kenneth Cole
Sandals: Zara
Watch: Armani
Sunglasses: Dior