Happy National Day, Kuwait

This is the second time his-culture is celebrating Kuwait’s national day. It’s one of my favorite day of the year; I enjoy seeing how people put their differences aside and just celebrate this day with unity and pride. Anyways, I’m going to keep this post short and concise; I’ll let the pictures speak for itself. This is how we pridefully portray our love towards Kuwait.

The Last Show

A few days ago, I decided to invite some of my students and friends to a musical concert at Bayt Al-Lothan.  I wanted them to experience a night that they’ll remember and create some good memories. So, I did not hesitate a second when I found out that a lot of local musicians would sing that night. I was so happy to see (Omar Afuni) to be among of the performers; I was even more elated when (The Tums) made a surprising appearance.

Omar made me reminisce the good old days when he sang some of my all time favorite songs of the backstreet boys. The perfect ending was when The Tums made a magnificent rendition of Adele’s epic song (Hello). The rest of the performances were so good; (Ghanima and the Band) were fun to watch. Their performance on stage was a pleasant one.

That event was a bitter-sweet moment for a lot of people because it was Bayt Al-Lothan’s final event as it’s going to close down soon. Most of us are so used to going there and It wouldn’t be the same now that that place will no longer exist in our lives.