Dinner At Cuts

A few days ago, my friend and I decided to try one of Movenpick’s own creation restaurant called “cuts”. I’ve been seeing a lot of pictures on Instagram of this restaurant  and most of the people online were giving it a rave review. So, I was so pumped to dine at one of cuts’ branch located at Grand Avenues.

Our first thought when we got there was that the ambiance astutely suited the Brazilian theme. Their music were also in accordance to the theme which made our dining experience extra special. We decided to choose one of cut’s most reputable choice in the menu; churrasco. The waiter served us different kinds of well seasoned Brazilian barbecue style of meat, chicken and sausages. The meat which was cooked ala latina style was succulent, tender and perfectly charred. The seasoning in the chicken was so gratifying and the sausages were perfectly barbecued. Lastly, the cinnamon-pineapple was an excellent way to cleanse your palette.

We left the restaurant feeling completely satisfied with our choice. We thought that although the price was a tad bit expensive but the experience itself made it worth every dinar.

Assaha (Lebanese Traditional Village)

This past Thursday, my friend and I were arguing about what restaurant to go to. After an hour of roaming around Gulf Street, we found this quaint looking place which turned out to be a Lebanese restaurant.

When we first entered, we were kindly greeted by a Lebanese waiter and he later then escorted us to a nearby table. Instantly, we were blown away by the decor that were beautifully settled all over the restaurant; giving an authencity and warmth to our dining experience. After we placed our orders, we asked our waiter if we could kindly take pictures of the place and he said yes. We were so happy about that because some restaurants do not allow picture taking. Afterwards, the food started to be served. We started with the traditional pita bread and Lebanese bread along with hummus with pine nuts. We love the fact that the hummus beautifully melts in your mouth. Also, the traditional “waraq enab” or grapes leaves had the right amount of acidity to it ( not too sour). For the main course, their mix grill were carefully seasoned and was enough for two people to share. The halloumi bread was our favorite; it felt like homemade and was cooked perfectly.

I would reccomnend this restaurant for anyone who wants to experience a very traditional Lebanese food. It’s worth the visit.